Contract 3|Enzo Corp|$70,000

  • Keep Enzo Corp. from destroying/removing any evidence of bound Bug Spirit
  • Hold off Enzo Corp. security teams until Mr. Johnson is able to organize a professional extraction team to support our efforts.

Contract 2| Enzo Corp | $130,000

  • Return to Enzo Corp., recover all files regarding the experimental medical device
  • Find out what Enzo Corp. was using the medical device for

Status: Completed, files were unobtainable, stored at a remote location, Bug Spirit was banished the mage responsible is aware of the banishing.
Fatalities: 4 security guards (smoke grenades, stun guns)
Wounded: 2 Enzo Security Guards (automatic weapons, live rounds)

Contract 1| Enzo Corp | $50,000

  • Break into Enzo Corporation, remove an experimental medical device and any files associated with its use

Status: Completed
Fatalities: 1 security guard

  • Savage Worlds Shadowrun campaign with non 5th edition characters


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