Savage Shadows

Bridges Don't Hinder Helicopters!

Escape From Enzo Corp.

  • Armored and armed Sedan gave chase. Gun mount raised from hood of car, passenger fired from window.
  • Jerry (giving credit where credit is due) debilitated the car as a helicopter appeared ahead of us and moved to cut us off. Cruz managed to evade the helicopter

Dante’s Inferno

  • Blackfoot, Lure and Shamwow met with Mr. Johnson while Mayday watched from the crowd and Cruz stayed in his Rig.
  • Met with Mr. Johnson, discussed what we found and that we managed to banish the Bug Spirit. Mr. Johnson was worried that Enzo would try and remove any evidence from their activities with a Bug Spirit so hired us to go back and keep Enzo from removing said evidence until a professional, extraction team could join us.
  • Contract was for an additional $70,000 Nuyen
  • Mr. Johnson stressed that speed was of the essence so he gave the group a cred stick to an undefined expense account so the group could arm up.

Wilber Kult

  • Wilber Kult is Shamwow’s contact, he supplies firearms and other miscellaneous equipment. He is also rumored to be a Second Amendment activist and have a undefinable gender.

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